Savoury Allsorts Gin
Savoury Allsorts Gin

Savoury Allsorts Gin

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If you're looking for something different, or the perfect gin for cocktails - look no further!

A uniquely savoury gin with upfront star anise and liquorice root characters fused with herbaceaous flavours of thyme and marjoram. A long lasting flavourful gin perfect for chilly wintry days or long summer drinks.

Serve with a Fevertree Mediterranean Tonic, a twist of lemon peel and a sprig of rosemary, or mix it with ginger beer, mint and lime for a refreshing Gin Gin Mule.

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Serving Suggestions
  • Artisan Drinks Co. Fiery Ginger Beer with fresh lime & Rosemary.
  • CAPI Dry Tonic with a twist of lemon and a sprig of fresh thyme.
  • Fevertree Mediterranean Tonic with a sprig of rosemary.
  • A Gin Gin Mule.
  • A Basil Smash.
  • GOLD - 2020 Australian Distilled Spirits Awards
  • GOLD - 2020 International Wine & Spirits Competition
  • GOLD - 2020 World Gin Masters
  • GOLD - 2019 Tasting Australia Spirit Awards